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IDWTBAH Chapter 1: What a Dangerous World

My name is Ye Zai, and my dream is to conquer the high seas, the four ninja villages, and find the legendary secret treasure and become the Hokage in Naruto.

Okay, I lied, that was purely nonsense.

My name is Ye Zai, and I was once a brilliant young man in the new world. What makes you so special? No lady has ever dared to like me because I’m so extraordinary.

Okay, I lied again. I’m actually been a single man for more than 20 years. I never held hands with any woman except my mother.

But these are not important anymore, the most important thing is that I’ve reincarnated into an extremely dangerous parallel universe. The days of being a bum and wasting my life away are gone forever.

When Ye Zai initially arrived in this world, he did not come to take the place of someone from this world; instead, he was born as a native.

It wasn’t a big concern because Ye Zai was living in a parallel universe. He hadn’t done anything noteworthy in 20 years.

However, Ye Zai realized barely half an hour ago that the world into which he was resurrected would be in jeopardy.

A young lady with green wavy hair stood next to Ye Zai, pinching his small face and saying,

“Ye Zai, you have to grow up quickly, so your sister can take you to fight the bad guys.”

The green-haired girl has a younger sister with dark green hair and facial traits similar to hers. She was teasing Ye Zai’s younger brother with her hands at the same time.

The dark green-haired young girl looked at her sister green-haired in confusion.

“Sister, why does our younger brother look different from us.”

The young green-haired girl looked at her obnoxious sister and said,

“Fubuki you idiot, our brother is a boy! Of course he’s different.”

Fubuki looked at her sister in admiration, then continue to tease Ye Zai’s “little brother”.

“It turns out every boy looks like this. Sister, you’re so smart.”

Ye Zai wanted to scold the two older sisters’ rudeness, but he held it in and yelped solemnly.

“Stop touching my “little brother”, or I will get angry.” was what he wanted to yell.

But it seemed that Ye Zai’s cry was too loud, and it attracted the attention of their rest of the family, and finally a savior appeared.

An angry woman shouted as the two sisters continued to annoy Ye Zai.

“Tatsumaki! Fubuki! Are you two bullying your younger brother again?”

In order to avoid being scolded, the two sisters stopped annoying Ye Zai and quietly left the room. Only then did Ye Zai gained a moment of tranquility.

However, once Ye Za heard the sisters’ names and matched their appearances, he became regretful.

Tatsumaki, Fubuki? Aren’t these characters in One Punch Man? And they are also two of the most popular female characters.

Had he crossed into the world of One Punch Man?

Should I be happy? No, Ye Zai started to panic, because this world was extremely dangerous. If there is no such overpowered character like Saitama, then the possibility of the world being destroyed at any time is extremely high.

The world can be destroyed by a meteorite or aliens. There’s no guarantee of survival.

Ye Zai wanted to be a salted fish1. He didn’t dream of being a hero. It didn’t matter what happened because he just wanted to live a good life.

But since he came to this world, that wish was completely out of his reach.

Because in this weird world, people can die easily.

10 years flew by so quickly. Ye Zai grew up to be quite handsome.

Tatsumaki’s family genes were quite strong. Both Tatsumaki and Fubuki are quite beautiful. As a descendent, Ye Zai is naturally handsome.

Ye Zai’s hair color was similar to that of Fubuki. He was a high school student and was nearly 1.8 meter tall.

A few years back, he was so worried that he would end up looking like a Tatsumaki–a little boy with green hair.

But thankfully, he resembles Fubuki. Luckily, he was handsome and tall.

However, God was fair. Although Ye Zai had the perfect face and height, he had the weakest superpowers among his siblings.

As the brother of [Tornado of Terror] and [Blizzard of Hell], Ye Zai naturally had superpowers too. In terms of strengths, it was hard to tell.

This is how their families’ superpowers’ overall strengths might be described. If the Tatsumaki had a tornado as a superpower, the Fubuki had a tiny typhoon.

As for Ye Zai, his power was about the level of an electric fan, and this fan’s wind wasn’t even at the fifth gear.

After learning this painful fact, Ye Zai wanted to say: “Let me be a little boy with green hair! I also want to have dragon-level superpowers!”

But the reality is terrible, and there was nothing that could be done to change his fate. He had to face the unpleasant reality that he was the weakest of the three siblings.

Ye Zai tried to do pushups and long-distance jogging every day like Saitama at one time in his life. He even doubled the quantity in order to push his body’s physical boundaries.

Although he knew that the possibility is slim, but anything that doesn’t kill him can make him stronger. Right?

Despite his training after a few years, he only increased his strength and endurance. There was no other improvements, so he gave up.

As the second rank S class hero, Tatsumaki’s strength was considerably strong. As long as I continue to hug her thigh…, *cough*, if I hold her tiny legs, then it shouldn’t be difficult to survive.

Tatsumaki was ruthless in One Punch Man, but she was even more so in this world.

Tatsumaki would take Ye Zai with her whenever she went out to deal with villains, claiming that it was more enjoyable defeating monsters with him. But Ye Zai was more concerned about being killed.

But did he even enjoy the experience? He didn’t have Tatsumaki’s “dragon-level” strength. A boulder could fall off and crushed him to death during battle.

He couldn’t stay in this house any longer, so Ye Zai decided to flee, or else he’d have to travel with Tatsumaki all the time. He was convinced that he would die sooner or later.

Ye Zai snuck out of the house while the two sisters were busy and grabbed the katana Fubuki had given him.

“*Sigh*, where should I go? This world is too dangerous, and I need to find a thigh and hug it well.”

Walking aimlessly on the streets, Ye Zai thought, thinking of targets that he could hold onto their thighs.

Ye Zai’s was still thinking until he heard someone shout.

“Monsters have appeared over there. Run away everyone!”

Then in front of Ye Zai, a monster with a crab upper body and a human lower body appeared. It was around 2 or 3 meters tall and combined with the strange appearance. It was undoubtedly a monster.

There were two people in front the crab monster – a child holding a marker looking stunned, and a man in suit with short black hair.

There was no time for Ye Zai to think about what he should do. A voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Ding, encountered [The Protagonist], the hero system is starting…”

  1. Someone who doesn’t want to work and still enjoy a good life

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