IDWTBAH Chapter 3

Ye Zai doesn’t have time to chat to Saitama right now; he needs to check the system’s specialized features first. After all, this is where he will be settling down in the future.

After a while…

“Hey, are you paying attention to what I’m saying? You are really rude.”

Saitama gave Ye Zai a deadly gaze, unsure if the crab monster had already caused brain damage to him. Why would he be standing motionless?

Saitama was debating whether or not to transport Ye Zai to the hospital, but the medical costs…

“His clothing are top brands, and his weapon, so he must be wealthy.”

Saitama decided to take Ye Zai to the hospital after struggling with his thoughts for some time. After all, Ye Zai had saved him.

But just as Saitama was about to wake up Ye Zai, Ye Zai suddenly grabbed him and smacked his back. His strength was so strong that he almost gave internal damage to Saitama.

Saitama began to have random thoughts.

“Oh shit, this guy has gone completely insane. As soon as he woke up, he began fighting again. Did he think that I was the crab monster? Do I have to pay for his medical bills?”

“What kind of garbage system is this, why didn’t you just turn on? Does it want me to die?”

The Ye Zai is feeling very irritated. He studied his so-called Hero System in detail, and he feels that this Hero System has cheated him.

The notion of the system is radically different from what he had imagined. He simply desires to be an otaku1 who only eats food and wasting his life away. He doesn’t want to be a hero at all.

“I know what you’re going through, my friend. Despite the fact that you were knocked out by that enormous crab earlier, you can’t give up on yourself.”

Saitama proceeded to console Ye Zai by patting his back. However, it backfired since it made Ye Zai cry.

Saitama gritted his teeth as he said. Although he is poor, not to mention Ye Zai suffered injuries from saving him. Even if someone was in need of food, Saitama would still help them, at worst, he would just eat bean sprouts for a few days.

“Don’t worry, this matter…I’ll take care it.”

Ye Zai replied something unclear, which made Saitama felt even more guilty; thus, he was more determined to take in Ye Zai.

“You are responsible. I received this dreadful system as a result of saving you.”

The Hero System’s operation is relatively straightforward, and Ye Zai grasped it with just a glance.

The Hero System contains a card lottery feature, and you can get a chance to draw cards by performing tasks.

There are three types of cards:

The Item Card is the first type. You can choose any item from the protagonist’s universe, as the name implies. The item could be a weapon, clothing, or even a random rock on the side of the road.

It’s possible to draw the “Supreme Sword,” which can cut through gold, or it may just be a toy sword. It’s all down to luck.

Skill Card is the second type, which is the same as the first. The extraction target is still there in the protagonist’s environment.

And the gained talents are classified into two categories: permanent and one-time use.

Character Card, the third and best type. You have the chance to obtain the blood of any character in any world, as well as all of their skills.

In short, everything depends on luck!

So far, the first function in the system is what Ye Zai is most interested in.

But when he saw the system’s second function, he began to regret turning it on.

The second function of the system is simply the “transport” function.

In order to make the host become a great “hero”, the system will make him travel to other worlds from time to time and to complete tasks.

Most of the worlds selected by the system are either a certain race, or even the entire planet is facing a crisis. In short, they are all dangerous worlds.

And the host needs to be a hero and assume the responsbilities of a savior.

The most troubling aspect of the system is that he has no right to refuse any tasks.

If he tries to resist, he would be obliterated by the system.

The One Punch Man universe is already super dangerous, yet he still has to go to other parallel universes?

if it’s your typical everyday world, then forget it. But now it’s either a race, or a world where the planet is facing destruction.

One of these universes, if Ye Zai recalls correctly, was “Dragon Ball.” Even if nothing could be done, a planet would still face destruction.

With his current strength, if he was to travel to that world, let alone be a hero, he wouldn’t be able to keep his life.

Whether it’s good or bad, this is simply begging for death.

But never mind those, after all, every time a person from a planet died, Son Goku and the others would use the Dragon Balls to bring them back to life.

But Ye Zai really wants to know, would the Dragon Balls be able to resurrect him?

So safety isn’t guaranteed at all. The system is basically a ticking bomb.

“It’s over, everything is over!”

For a long time, his two sisters, Tatsumaki and Fubuki, took care of him. But now, he will be facing various dangers from parallel universes and saving them from destruction.

He just wanted to be a salted fish2. Why must he be the savior of the universe?

It’s already too late. Ye Zai knows that there is no possibility to turn things around, so he can only accept his fate.

Looking at Saitama, Ye Zai felt that at least in this world, his own life would be guaranteed.

When Ye Zai eventually calmed down, he realized that he needed to stay with Saitama.

“You just said you want to take me in, right? Okay, so where is your home?”

Saitama is unnoticeable, his safety can be assured. At the very least, Ye Zai chose to stay with Saitama until he was strong enough to defend himself.

Saitama watched Ye Zai calm down and murmured.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him. This ****** isn’t a scammer right? Now he even thinking about eating and drinking in my home. Isn’t this too much?”

Saitama pretended like he didn’t say that out loud and muttered.

“Did I say something? Why don’t I remember?”

Ye Zai calmly played the previous recording on this mobile phone. (TL: damn plot armor)

Saitama heard his own clear voice coming from the phone, and secretly clamored: “It’s over, I really met a professional scammer!”

  1. Basically a nerd with interest in anime and manga
  2. Someone who doesn’t want to do anything but eat an waste their life

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